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Random from Kaja n Garrett

Presents and commissions featuring my favorite couple. :D

shout out

:icondefira1985:, who has a LOOOOOONG Anders fic that is absolutely amazing, check it out! Broken Souls…

Check out all her work, in fact; you won't be disappointed!



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Wow, off for a week and the inbox explodes....

Had a great time on vacation, despite everything against it. We were planning on going back to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure last year, but saw they were building a new Harry Potter area in the US part to go with the Wizarding World in IoA so we delayed til it was done. And we waited til November so it would be cooler and less crowds. GOOD DECISION!!! It was perfect weather, and while still felt somewhat crowded, lines for rides were seldom longer than 30 minutes. Actually the worst part was trying to get to the lockers before and after the rides!

Two days before we were to leave, I came down with a cold. I haven't had a cold in YEARS! And it picks NOW?!?!? GAH! I loaded up on otc meds and we set off anyway. Thank you, Robitussin! Actually it didn't affect me too much; I just kept taking the cold meds to keep the symptoms down. I did somehow get a migraine one day that kept me in the hotel room all damned day, but since we had a free day already planned at the end, it all worked out.

Diagon Alley was AWESOME! They did an amazing job with the entrance, Kings Cross Station, etc. The train was just, wow. I am going to run out of superlatives quickly here... I am just always amazed by the amount of work they put into these things. They texture stone and brick to look real, even to the niter on walls and cobwebs in corners. It's total immersion. Nocturn Alley was dark and dank and smelled like old fish...

The Gringott's ride was great, but I still prefer the one at IoA. Not saying more, don't want to spoil anything!

We spent way too much money on shirts and stuff. Got to have chocolate frogs! And they sold "Gilly water" in bottles, and you could buy bubbling elixirs to add to it (basically Mio). Every hour or so they had a group doing stories from Beadle the Bard. I tell you, I could spend the whole time at Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley and not feel cheated. But, we did do stuff in the rest of the park.

The Despicable Me ride was so entertaining we went back and rode it the next day. Hubby and I had not seen the movie before the trip, but he had it on his computer and we did watch it before going to the park, which made the ride even better. I think we would have enjoyed it even being clueless tho. I bought a plushie Minion keychain. :D They had monitors over the queue line with 'So you want to be a minion' tests and other cute vids to keep you entertained.

We did ride the Double Dragon coaster at Hogsmeade, but with the cold stuffing up my head, the loops did NOT help... after that we stuck with the rides that only make you think you're doing crazy ride stunts. Spiderman has been updated with better video, and it made a huge difference. The Mummy ride is STILL freaking fun. And they have the best shop (barring HP ones). Lots of Egyptian stuff, gold jewelry, etc. (I bought a Bastet statue. :D) Skipped the Jurassic Park ride; while fun, we didn't want to get wet with already having a cold. The Transformers ride is like Spiderman; 3D effects and huge screens making you think you're falling and swooping around. Fun when it seems like the bad guys are hopping onto your car and slinging you around! There's a lot more 3D rides than there used to be. Even the new Gringott's ride is 3D.

We rode the Harry Potter ride at Hogsmeade 2 or 3 times; still my favorite ride.

Butterbeer is yummy!!

If you go to Universal, my suggestions: Go after October. Get the Park-hopper, where you can go between the 2 parks in the same day. Be aware food is a big part of the expense. I recommend the little sandwich shops near the entrance to both parks that sell croissant sandwiches and pastries. (Awesome creme horns!) And I cannot stress this enough: WEAR GOOD SHOES! You're going to be doing a LOT of walking! I bought new shoes and special socks, and was soooo glad I did. Dress for comfort, not style. I saw a lot of girls that seemed to think this was a fashion show or something; I have no idea how long they lasted in those high heels. Pace yourself; take short sit-down breaks after every few rides.

One thing I was surprised at: I never have seen so many strollers in my life. I know, amusement parks are for kids (really?) but a 2 yr old is not going to even remember it! I remember going to Disney when I was about 5; my brother was 2 and he stayed home with my grandmother. I dunno, it just seems like not even a vacation for the parents.

Anyways, all in all a great time, despite Fate trying to be a bitch and ruin it! I just wish I didn't have to come back! Another 'uh-oh':  forgot my camera, so the only pics we got were on hubby's phone. :(


United States
SWTOR: I'm on a few servers, but mostly concentrated on Shadowlands (US) and Jedi Covenant (US). Note me with your PC name!

I pretend to write. I'm into different fandoms; I've written Dragon Age, Star Wars, Warcraft, VtM, and some singles from other fandoms. If you like, leave a comment!

Dragon Age: Kaja
There are also some prompts I did; all involve Kaja. (I didn't finish the 30 days, meh.) Anyways, day 1 is

EDIT: Can't help it, what started as AU has... taken over. I'm considering the Two Hawkes as canon for Kaja. :P

someone asked for a list of what i've written in order. Now, most of what i have are basically one-shots, but as for the order in which they take place, here goes:

Act I
Beginnings 1:
Beginnings 2:
Beginnings 3:

Between Act I and Act II:
:icondefira1985: 's story called The Knight Captain's Favour (Beth/Cullen awesomeness) had Kaja as an unnamed guest. I ran with the idea, resulting in:

Two Hawkes are Better than None
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

:icondefira1985: retaliated with
Two Hawkes Reloaded:
Ch 1:
Ch 2:
Ch 3:
Ch 4:
Ch 5:
Ch 6:

Act II
Letter to Bethany:
A night out:
Fade to white:
Varric’s little problem:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:

What remains:

Honesty: (written for contest)
NOTE: some of the Act III stories are now AU to Kaja. :P And all of these Act IV ones, obviously.

Act IV (after game end)
Present 1:
Present 2:

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